wehrwolf (hyena) (wehrwolf2) wrote in soviet_furs,
wehrwolf (hyena)

Warsaw pact nations at MFF

Comrades, It seems apparent that people no longer post here and I rather doubt that anyone still even pays attention to the community, nevertheless I still thought I'd give a shout out.

I am giving a shout out to any furs who have an interest in the soviet union and it's Warsaw pact allies or any who might happen to be a member of this community and are planning on going to Midwest Fur Fest in Chicago Illinois. I will be representing the small nation of the German Democratic Republic by dressing in full uniform of the boarder guard so if, by whatever slim chance, anyone reading this happens to see me. Please do say hi and chat me up with something Soviet related. ^^;

While I doubt this even more, if anyone going happens to collect warsaw pact apparel like me, please do consider packing an item or two along and perhaps we could patrol a hallway or two at the convention hotel.

If anyone thinks I'm a total dork and am quite mad please let me know that too. lol
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