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Is there anybody really interested in the history of USSR?!

If there is any..please, pay attention to the following points connected with the terms of existance and constituent of the USSR:
- USSR was established in December, 1922. After Nikolai II's execution, the former Russian Empire was ruled by the Provisional (temporary) Government. Unforunately (or may be fortunately) it was unable to solve all those economic and political problems (foreign invasion and inner disorders) and after October Revolution and the Civil War of 1918-1921 the power was seized by Bolsheviks. They established te first Communst state-the Soviet Union.
-Concerning DDR or Eastern Germany and the Soviet Republics:
by 1940s the Soviet Union comprised 15 Soviet Socialistic Republics:
The Baltic Republics: Estonian, Latvian. Lithuanian SSR; The Transcaucausian Republics: Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijan SSR;
The Asian Republics: Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen SSR; The West Republics: Byelorussian, Moldovian, Ukrainian SSR. 
-East Germany or German Democratic Republic was never a part of USSR. It existed in 1944-1990 and was a Soviet occupied part of Germany. It was a member of a Warsaw Pact  (Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance organized by USSR and Eastern Europe communist countries in order to counter teh alleged threat of NATO).
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