Fox McCloud (shualiel) wrote in soviet_furs,
Fox McCloud

Comrade introduction...

Поздравления, товарищи! (Greetings, comrades!)

First off, спасибо (thank you) to those who gave the okay to join this group. :) Spasibah, as it is written in romanization. While Shu'aliel is this one's LJ name, just call this one Comrade Kei. In real life, a proud Califur of late-twenties and obviously one keen about the former Soviet Union. *glares at Captain Obvious*

Personal memorabilia include a genuine Moscow-imported Soviet military hat, a few extra hat pins (including a simple red star with the hammer & sickle emblem), along with a replica of the Order of Lenin, as well as a replica KGB ID book-card (completely filled out in Russian, with facsimile signatures of Lenin, Kyrushchev and Andropov.) Would love to get a complete Soviet military uniform, preferably a KGB suit.

Enjoy good films on the era, including Hunt for Red October, K-19: the Widowmaker, and especially Thirteen Days. Planning to learn the Russian language in good time.

Being an artist as well, here's one example of this one's skills, done for a Gothic Furries group on Yahoo, but the character fits this community's theme perfectly. :) And always love the sexy Soviet fem-furs.

Anyway, all the best to all comrades here. *salutes*
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