Arcturax (arcturax) wrote in soviet_furs,

Got my Saiga :)

Mmm not sure how "Soviet" this is, but it certainly is Russian and based off the AK-47. I got my Saiga 12 gauge combat shotgun today and it is SWEEEET!

It seems pretty nice :) It was a little stiff at first being brand new, but a good oiling and 40 rounds has helped loosen it up a little. Recoil is very managable on this thing and it's quite fun to spray 60 pellets of double aught downrange in a couple of seconds. I've got ten round mags (3 of em) on the way so it will be double the pain soon *evil grins*

I love Russian stuff, they really know how to make a solid, dependable gun. The only issue I do have is that the 5 round mag I have now is a bit of a pain to get into place with shells in it. Not sure how the 10 will be, but probably similar, but it seems more of getting the trick of it down than a major flaw.

I've wanted one of these ever since I saw a vid of a guy demoloshing a van with one. I can't wait till it's warm enough so I can spend some more time down at the plinking range. I'll have to dredge up some more old computers or crap to destroy :)
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