wehrwolf (hyena) (wehrwolf2) wrote in soviet_furs,
wehrwolf (hyena)

Neuer Genosse


I'm new here, thought I'd introduce my self. I'm Wehrwolf, well just "Wehr" actually since I changed my fursona to a Hyena. I know it sounds stupid but I don't want to make everyone I know re-learn my name. Anyway, my specialization is in the Former East Germany but I have a broad interest in the entirety of the Warsaw Pact countries and the Soviet Union it's self.

I have a small collection of East German Border guard, infantry, Panzer, Stasi and Vopo insignia and uniforms as well as many books on the subject. I also like to draw anthropomorphic characters in Uniform as you can see by by Avatar. I've been interested in the sister countries of the soviet Union for about five years and I've been a fur for about one. I never thought I'd find a community combining the two though. ^^

Oh, I've also been attempting to start an NVA/Warsaw Pact living history group in my area but this has so far been unsuccessful.

I will leave you with a scene from the Film "NVA." ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH31zpwwsb4
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