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Пионеры там и тут, песня Ленину поют.

Pioneers here and there, singing to Lenin a song

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Soviet Furs
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.:Welcome to the SOVIET FURS LJ Community:.

This community is dedicated to those in the Anthro/Furry fandom who are interested in the former Soviet Union and former Deutsche Demokratische Republik/DDR/East Germany, which belonged to Soviet Union from 1945 when Nazi Germany fell 'til the Union's fall in 1989, when West Germany and East Germany joined as the Berlin Wall fell.


Then JOIN, my comrade!

Artwork, stories and related of anthropomorphic animals of any rating is alright, as long as it is related to the Soviet Union and/or East Germany. But please, if the rating is above PG-13, put a warning and lj-cut it! Make it worksafe to browse this community. And no art and stories of human Soviets/East Germans, because that would ruin the purpose of this community (of anthropomorphics).

This community does not promote communism, supports the former Soviet Union, or is a community for discussing politics. Everyone is welcome and please leave politics out of this community!

If you have bought/borrowed a Soviet or DDR uniform and want to post a picture of it or with a picture of you wearing it, it is fine!

This community is not a "furry exclusive" one. Anyone can join, as long as you have a love for anthropomorphics and the Soviet Union/Communist regimes/East Germany!

But most of all... play nice! :3

.:SOVIET FURS community owner.:
If you wish to contact the owners of this community, go to their LJ's and bap them. Questions and suggestions goes there.

.:SOVIET FURS affliates:.
nazi_furs, a community for those interested in Nazi Germany 1933-1945 and anthropomorphics. Read more on the user info before judging.

.:SOVIET FURS recommend:.
Soviet Army Information.
Soviet Army Uniform Gallery (Good referance for character designs/art!)
Soviet Music
East German Uniform Illustrations
East German Uniform Photos
Soviet Union Uniforms and Insigna WWII
Soviet Militaria
Model Dieter von Keil in East German Uniform
DDR Museum
Soviet Union Posters
Red Army Choir
Ivan Kupala
DJ Alligator feat. Mc Vhispkin - Davaj Davaj
Rammstein - Moskau
Traditional - Kalinka
Traditional - Katyusha
Traditional - Ach Natascha
Traditional - Song About a Russian Solider
E-Type - Russian Lullaby
E-Type - Borsch
Red Army Choir - Farewell of Slavianka
Traditional - Korobeiniki (a.k.a Tetris theme)
Dschjinghis Khan - Moskau
Dj Slon - Dragonsteia din Tei (Russian version)
Boney M. - Rasputin
USSR National Anthem (Red Army Choir - Instrumental)
GDR/DDR National Anthem
Tina Turner - Goldeneye (Soundtrack to James Bond movie Goldeneye)
Iron Maiden - Mother Russia
Sisters of Mercy - Mother Russia
GoldenEye (James Bond movie with Soviet communists)
Hunt for Red October (uniforms!)
Enemy at the Gates (uniforms!)
Come and see (grim movie taking place in Belorussia 1943)
Stalin (drama with Robert Duvall in the title-role)
Reds (based on John Reed's account of the revolution)
October: Ten days that shook the world (propaganda-like movie from 1928 by Sergei Eisenstein)
Red Dawn
C&C Red Alert series

Lyrics in the title from Rammstein - Moskau
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